Friday, January 9, 2015

I Wish This Blog Had More Taylor Swift In It.

So I'm working on a new project, and you know me, there has to be music involved.  Music is part of my process.  Not just in writing, but in all my major life events.  The music of the moment has always impacted me greatly.  Still, there are songs that can start out of the blue and I will get lost in the memory.

I asked someone to pick their "theme song" so to speak.  It helps me get a feel for how they view themselves.  I guess it's not that simple of a question, especially if you're not like me and surround yourself with music night and day.  Then I remembered in psychology class when we were asked the same question and I immediately wrote my answer on the paper.  I knew what it was before the question was finished.  Then I sat there, bored, for the rest of the class as everyone else hemmed and hawed and thought about it until they picked something out of frustration.

Is that song still my "theme" song?  No.  But it was then, for all the reasons that it needed to be.  I was 17 and scared and unsure of who or what I was going to be or become. But that song made me feel like I was going to figure it out.  Curious? You can find it here-->Closer to Myself

But I also have a list of songs that are "reserved."  Most of them just make me smile now, some make me sad.  But they're still there and they're still important.  They're songs I won't be able to use while I write because in my head (and heart) they're reserved for a specific person/place/moment.  I guess I plan on using them for my semi-autobiography. But not every song made it to "theme song" status.  This one did-->Gray Matter

**Side Note**
I'm going to be publishing some old poetry next month (surprise!) with the Trio.  So if you want to know more about the years where that song was my theme, read that. 

My theme these days is a little less dramatic and a little more sweet.  Because that's where I am now.  In a few years it might be something else entirely.  It's me coming to terms with the things about me that I should be okay with but there's still a struggle to accept.  A song to myself--> Can't You Just Adore Her?

So here's your homework assignment.  And you can choose to comment here or email, message, text, Morse Code, whatever you need to do, but I want to know your answers. What's your song?  Right now.  Not what was it or what do you want it to be in the future.  What is it right now?

It's not a permanent decision.  It's a song that invokes a feeling, an emotion.  Something that says, "This is where I am and this is how it feels."

Share that with me.