Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Your Honor (DBS #2) TEASER #4

You're still playing?” Blake asked her, his face hopeful. She couldn't keep all of her thoughts straight when she was looking at his face. She broke eye contact and looked over to Harrison, who had finished his pie already.
You need more pie, Harry?” she asked, avoiding Blake's question. Not that it mattered, Kaylee wouldn't shut up.
She plays every weekend at Red's, duh.” Like the whole room was supposed to know, but she didn't stop there. “She's playing tonight at the—”
Festival,” Blake finished for her. Lucy's head jerked up, he had looked down to his plate and begun eating so she couldn't read his expression. Not that she ever really could. He was always thinking one thing and doing another.
Yeah!” Kaylee exclaimed. “So you are here to see her!” She leaned on the counter facing Harrison like she was telling a secret. “She's playing for Taylor Stevens, he's very cool.”
Harrison nodded along, ever the gentleman, as he ate his second piece of pie. Lucy wanted very much to break the coffee pot over Kaylee's head, but decided against it.
Can I get a refill, Lucky?” Blake asked from his end of the counter. Lucy's face went hot as she blushed involuntarily.
Lucky?” Kaylee frowned, spinning to look at Lucy as she poured the hot liquid into the ceramic mug. She felt the heat increase and radiate out from her ears. She was positive that she was completely red by now. She considered sticking her head in the ice box. She hadn't been called that in a very long time. That name coming from those lips wasn't fair. It brought back too much. Made her feel things she had long since buried.
Blake ignored Kaylee again, focusing on Lucy alone. She wanted to hide in the back. She wanted to get in her car and drive far, far away. She also wanted to fling herself into his arms and never let go. What was he doing to her? Why was he here? He did this every time. He'd show up, act like everything was cool between them, and break her heart as he drove out of town. The last time he had promised it wouldn't happen again. He swore he was never coming back. And yet, she thought as she blew a stray hair out of her face.
She leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest. She had to get him to stop whatever it was he thought he was doing. She wouldn't let him have complete power over her this time. “Have you been home yet?” She raised her eyebrows at him. His jaw clenched noticeably and she knew it wouldn't take much to set him off. If he could call her Lucky like it wasn't a big deal, then she could tell him to go see his mama.
I didn't want to bother her.” Blake drained his coffee and she expected him to get up and prepare to leave. But he remained seated.
You always have an excuse.” Lucy saw the storm clouds roll into his eyes but kept going. The only way to guarantee him not coming to see her play tonight would be to piss him off now. Blake could hold a grudge, and she needed him to. For her own sanity. “I'm gonna tell her you were here.”
You always know how to wreck a nice visit, you know that?” Blake growled, cooling the atmosphere of the room. Just like a prairie thunderstorm. Hot one minute, cold and dangerous the next. Kaylee fell silent and Harrison hurriedly wiped his mouth with a napkin.
Lucy didn't flinch, she'd survived Blake's downdrafts before. “Take her some pie. I made extra.” She met his gaze, waiting for the cursing to start. But it never came.
He simply stood, lowered his aviators and walked towards the door. Harrison smiled apologetically at her and hustled after him.
Blake turned at the door and lowered his glasses a fraction so he could have eye contact with her. She heard her heart, bags packed, telling her that it was leaving with him again and she was going to have to deal with it. “I'll see you tonight, Lucky.” His voice was dark and too damn playful. She couldn't respond and he sauntered out into the sunshine.
Lucy watched him until he was no longer in sight, her hands trembling and her eyes burning with the angry tears that had pushed to the surface.
Whoa. There is some history between you guys.” Kaylee's usually peppy voice was hushed. But Lucy understood why. It was because Blake had sucked all the air out of the room when he left.
She untied her apron and threw it in the bin.
I'm leaving early. Mac will be here in fifteen minutes anyway, you'll be fine.” She didn't want to answer any of Kaylee's questions. She didn't want Blake to come to the festival tonight. She didn't want to feel like her insides had just been ripped out and smeared along the sidewalk. Most of all, she did not want Blake Diedrich back in her life.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Your Honor (DBS #2) TEASER #3

Luke faced away from Lenny and ran one hand through his hair, closing his eyes. They'd gotten back to the bus and he had retreated to their bedroom in the back. She followed him but hadn't said anything yet. He rested both hands on his hips and took a deep breath. He didn't want to be mad at her. He hated being mad at her. It hurt like nothing else in the world.
Are you mad at me?” she asked from behind him, her tone a little more confrontational than he would have preferred.
Luke finally faced her and he knew his agitation was obvious by the look on her face. She set her jaw and crossed her arms over her chest.
Why did you have to introduce Lucy to Shane?” he asked, trying to keep his voice even.
They're both friends of mine. I didn't realize that I was supposed to be keeping them in separate boxes,” she responded dryly.
But then you gave him her number,” he pointed out.
And you wouldn't have? Shane's your friend too, remember?”
No. I wouldn't have.” Luke shook his head adamantly. “Lucy is...” He rubbed his hand over his forehead in aggravation.
Lucy is what, Luke?” Lenny pressed.
She's Blake's,” Luke said plainly.
That had apparently been the wrong thing to say because dark clouds rolled into Lenny's eyes and she narrowed her gaze at him.
Lucy is a person. She doesn't belong to anyone.”
That's not what I meant.” He held up his hands defensively, attempting to backtrack.
As far as what anyone will tell me around here, Blake and Lucy ended long ago. They're just friends now.” She let her hands drop to her hips and she raised her eyebrows at him. “Unless there's more information you're keeping to yourself.”
Luke stayed silent. Did she know about Blake's drunken tattoo? She must. She only looked at him like that when she had the upper hand. Shit.
I was going to tell you about the tattoo—”
Oh, come on!” she interrupted loudly. “No you weren't! I've been told repeatedly that I'm part of this family. That I'm the frickin' sixth member of the band, but that's not even close to the truth. You're still protecting your boys and shutting me out! Maybe if I had known the extent of Blake's thing for Lucy, whether it be love or psychotic obsession, I'd have been able to navigate the Shane thing better. You can't be mad at me for operating on the information I've been given. Hell, I'm pretty sure Kendra knows more than I do, and I'm your wife.”
Damn it. Luke looked down at the floor and frowned hard. “You're right.” He raised his eyes back to hers in time to see her soften her expression. “Honestly, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal except that I saw Blake with her after the open mic thing.”
Lenny swallowed and nodded in agreement. “I saw it too.” She took a step towards him, a question on her face. “What if this is how it has to happen?”
What do you mean?”
What if protecting Blake is only holding him back? What if he needs to face the reality of his choices?”
Make him witness losing Lucy forever?” Luke felt sick at the thought. He couldn't imagine having to watch Lenny with someone else.
Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you shouldn't try parenting him anymore. He's a grown man.”
Luke sniffed. “Old habit.”
Lenny reached out and touched his arm. “I know. That's because you're a good guy. Your loyalty to your friends is one of the first things I fell in love with.”
He reached out and pulled her to him, pressing her body to his and burying his face in her hair, unable to stand the space that had separated them a moment ago. “I don't know what I'd do without you.”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

In Your Honor (DBS#2) TEASER #2

Five weeks until the release of In Your Honor!  Here's something to tide you over!


When the touring schedule had been made, Harrison had taken it upon himself to make certain that the band got the rest they needed between major shows. He felt that without their former label breathing down their necks for ticket sales, they would be able to give their fans even better shows if they were properly rested. As a result, Harrison found himself with an open day going to a rock festival with his band, and they were not scheduled to perform. It was a nice change.
I'm not as into death metal as... the rest... of this... crowd...” he trailed off as he glanced around at the nearby concert goers, choosing his words carefully.
C'mon, Harry,” Lenny grabbed his arm with a smile, “where's your sense of adventure?”
Possibly back on the bus,” he said loudly as he allowed her to lead him through the sweaty, drunk mass of people.
As they got closer to the stage, Harrison started to feel claustrophobic despite it being an outdoor festival.
So... which one is Mordrid?” he asked, trying to keep his elbows tucked close to his ribs so he wasn't bumping into people. It was a futile gesture.
Um.” Lenny stood up on her toes and narrowed her eyes at the performers on stage. “I think they're all Mordrid... collectively.”
Like when the Power Rangers combine to make the Mega Zord?”
Lenny gave him a sideways smile and patted his back. “Yeah, Harry, kinda like that.”
Mordrid the Destroyer was what had been listed on the bill. Harrison had voiced some curiosity in front of Lenny, something he hadn't yet learned to curb. She always seized an opportunity to try something new, and now Harrison found himself neck-deep in metal fans. And Lenny was getting closer to the pit.
Lenny!” He yanked her backwards. If anything happened to her, Luke would kill him. “I think we're close enough.”
Rebellion flashed in her eyes and for the tenth time that day, he wondered what he had been thinking when he'd agreed to spend the day with the craziest girl he knew. So much of Lenny reminded him of his younger sister, Greta. Except he could boss Greta around. Lenny, not so much.
C'mon, Harry,” her mouth pulled into a sideways grin, “how many all-girl death metal bands have you seen up close?”
None,” Harrison stuttered, wondering if he could persuade Lenny to turn back by offering her all the money in his bank account. “But we left everyone else behind and they really shouldn't miss... this...” He cringed as his face came in contact with a very sweaty, smelly, bare armpit.
Everyone else had plans,” Lenny reminded him, too excited for Harrison's comfort. “This is fun! When was the last time it was just you and me?”
Never. It's never been you and me because I'm a pussy and I'm terrified of what you do for a living, let alone for fun. “God love you, Lenny,” he said with a shake of his head and a deep breath as he forged ahead into the crowd with her.

Friday, January 3, 2014

In Your Honor TEASER

Short teaser form In Your Honor which releases in 5 weeks!

Lurking in the shadows doesn't make you look like a creeper at all, by the way.” Sway came up next to him and bumped his shoulder with his fist.
Blake rubbed his unshaven jaw and smirked. “I know. I'm still trying to figure out a good middle ground.”
For what, exactly?” Sway asked as he pulled his hair into a short ponytail.
I don't know,” Blake chuckled when Sway nodded sarcastically with overly wide eyes.
C'mon. Let's get something to eat. Your ex is sexy and all, but it makes me feel weird staring at her with you right next to me.” Sway grinned when Blake reacted with a narrowing of his eyes. “I'm only kind of kidding. You know she scares me half to death. There's no way I'd even think of her during my alone time. I'm too scared she'd find out.”
You're more scared of her than me?” Blake asked with amusement as he followed Sway towards the exit.
Hell, yeah. That sweet, southern girl on the outside is all an act. I know it. She's got a wild side that's unpredictable,” Sway said over his shoulder.
Blake chuckled, “You've never spent more than five minutes with her. How would you even know that?”
Because she's the only woman I've ever seen bring you to your knees. And you're the meanest sonofabitch I know.”