Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Teaser #4 (LTF)

It's Tuesday so time for another small teaser! I know y'all have been holding your breath. Just kidding ;)

I like it,” Mike looked to Lenny for approval.
Hey, I’m just the assistant. You don’t need my permission.” She held up her hands to show she wasn’t protesting.
I don’t know man,” Sway began, “I really hate that girl. I don't want to sleep in the same vehicle as her. What if she tries to molest me?”
Gross, Sway. Gross.” Lenny frowned in disgust and Luke smiled at how cute she looked when she was correcting Sway. Like she was still shocked by some of the things he said.
But it might be fun to make her miserable,” Blake pointed out.
We could go on a shower strike like last time,” Harrison suggested.
Yes!” Blake snapped his fingers and pointed at Harrison. “That! We’re doing it.”
Lenny closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead with her fingertips, “Oh, geez.”
Sorry, mama. But we did promise you the full ‘Rock Star’ experience, smelly guys and all,” Sway grinned at her.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

By The Way

Just because someone doesn't post their every problem or difficulty online doesn't mean they aren't having a tough time of it. Not everyone feels obligated to share their personal struggles with the internet at large.  But it's pretty safe to assume that everyone is going through something, whether obvious or not.  Struggles come in all varieties.  Some choose to make it the world's business because they want someone else to take the reins and own the responsibilities (and they enjoy the attention that complaining brings them). While some suffer quietly, content to invoke lasting change in their lives as they own their choices. 

So which would you rather be, a complainer or a changer?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Teaser #3 (LTF)

Third teaser from Learn to Fly! Starting to get really nervous now. I hope I don't chicken out and bail on the whole thing. 

Hey,” she greeted casually, “what’s up?”
Carl strode across the room without saying anything. It was obvious from his behavior that he was looking for something. He scowled at Lenny, surveying her appearance and that of the yet to be used bed. The persistent frown on his face relaxed somewhat.
What’s going on, Carl?” Lenny tried again, but she already knew the answer.
I wanted to check to see if you were alright,” he lied.
No, you wanted to see if I was alone.” Lenny corrected and the corner of her mouth pulled up into a half-smile as she shook her head. She crossed her arms and leaned against the closed door.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Teaser #2 (LTF)

Another small snippet from Learn To Fly!

      “We look out for each other. Some of us don’t know our weaknesses as well our friends do. You need someone to watch your six.” He turned his stunning blue eyes on Lenny, “You know what I mean?”
     Lenny nodded her head even as an electric current ripped through her body. She knew exactly what he meant but she couldn’t speak for a moment as her voice had gotten stuck in her throat while she had been busy trying to figure out exactly what shade of blue Luke Casey’s eyes were. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learn to Fly TEASER #1

Learn to Fly is on the horizon for publishing.  So close I can hardly believe it.  So here is a short teaser from the book to hopefully get you excited!

This job might be a little…unconventional for you,” Jerry began, searching for the right words, trying to be delicate. “It’s long days, long nights, hard physical labor and you’d be on the road constantly.” His eyes skittered around his desk and his hands straightened his pen, then his name plate, then his pen again.
Is it because I'm a chick?” She asked, seeing the slight break in his serious demeanor and his eyes flicked to Carl.
Carl slouched back in his chair and rubbed his chin with his fingertips. “No, it's 'cause you're pretty.”
Lenny felt her mouth tug up slightly on one side. She could see him measuring her, gauging her reaction, testing her. So she remained silent.
Carl studied her quiet reaction for a long while. But it was Jerry who asked the next question. “What makes you think that being an assistant is where you'd...fit?”
I'm organized, I work hard and I have nothing keeping me in town,” she answered honestly. “I'm not afraid of dirt and sweat and I know I can do the job well.”