Current Project List

As complete a list as I can make for what I'm working on and when I hope it will be finished.  Check back for updates often as I'm constantly working.

Double Blind Study Series:

Up In Arms (book 7, Carl)- in the planning stages. the first 17k words of this story can be found in Into the Night We Shine

All My Life (book 8)-

Double Blind Study B-Sides

Stubborn Hearts- March 11, 2016
Whiskey Reins
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6

Soaring Bird Series
I have big plans for this little group of guys.  I'll update when I have more for you.

Like the Back of My Halo - Brady

Sun Salutations and Sushi- Kip

Puppy Love and Peanut Butter- Bo




What I'm Working On RIGHT NOW

In Between the Earth and Sky (2017)



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