Thursday, August 21, 2014

Earthquake Weather OR 7 DAYS until Tectonic!!

In case you're new to the blog I thought I should mention straight off that I name a lot of my blogs for the song I'm listening to at the moment I post.  Mostly because I've used up all my creativity writing the blog and I'm all tapped out.  I know, I know, what kind of a writer am I that I run out of clever and witty things to say?  Eh, probably not a very good one, but you can be the judge of that.  I'll leave a link so y'all know exactly what I'm playing.  Here >>Earthquake Weather- Matt Nathanson

It's one week until the release of Tectonic!  Holy crap!  How exciting is that?!  I'm pretty excited, let me tell you.  September 15 will be the one year mark for launching Learn to Fly and I'll be preparing the fourth in a series that was never supposed to be a series.  If I think about it too much, I'll completely weird myself out.

Next week will begin a whole huge week of giveaways, a blog tour, interviews, and anything else I can throw in to make sure I'm good and overwhelmed.  So watch for that.  I'll be posting exclusive photos from the shoot I did with +Laura Gibson as photographer and Miles Logan as the model, along with an interview with Miles (who is completely fantastic, by the way and you can like his page here!).  A release day party on Facebook filled with guest appearances from brilliant authors like Bria Quinlan, Laura Gibson, Nicole Flockton, and Jennifer Pitkin.  Join the event here!

Oh!  I also have a "fan group" as it were on Facebook. The Double Blind Study Buddies is a place I post exclusive things.  Like release date info, behind the scenes pictures/conversations/issues, and bonus material from the books.  Please jump on over and join us!

A lot of you ask about the timeline for the release date for the rest of the DBS series.  I created a page on the blog that I'll keep as up-to-date as possible so that you can check there for a list of what I'm working on.

As always, I am thankful for you.  Those who read, comment, email me.  Every time I hear from one of you it makes my day brighter.  Keep rockn' and play your music loud!