Saturday, August 30, 2014

Confessions of a Cover Model- Interview with Miles Logan plus PHOTOS!

Tectonic released a couple of days ago (hurray!) and Deepest Blues is set to be out in less than 2 months.  This has been the busiest summer of my life so far and next summer is shaping up to be just as busy.  Part of the reason for that is Miles Logan agreeing to be on the cover of my fifth book, The Hope That Starts.

I first saw Miles in my newsfeed on Facebook. ( Go there, like his page ) Someone had posted a picture of him and I about flipped out.  I actually yelled out loud, "Holy crap!  That's Harrison!"  It was surreal.  Seeing someone who is exactly what you picture a character to be while you're writing...?  It didn't even feel possible.  I waited a couple of weeks before contacting him.  Mostly because Harrison's book wasn't even started yet, I had barely finished the rough draft for Tectonic (bk3).  It was way too soon to be looking for a cover for book FIVE!  I also hesitated because I'm crazy insecure and I was scared he'd think I was a joke.

Deciding to chance it, I sent him a message, explaining what I was looking for.  He wrote back and we fleshed out the details.  We set the shoot up to happen much later--which I thought was good.  Then I'd have time to finish the ACTUAL book he was supposed  to be on.  In the meantime, I finished bk3 and bk4 and started to try to get those covers together.

Unforeseen circumstances changed our plans and the photo shoot had to happen sooner rather than later.  No big, I'd just be ahead for the first time in my life. 

Our change of plans ended up being the best thing ever.

The day before the photo shoot, I found out I didn't have a cover for book 3.  And the cover reveal was already scheduled for later that week.  And it was looking like the cover for book 4 was also not happening.  When I asked Miles if he'd be all right with being on three books instead of just the one, he agreed easily.  In fact, working with Miles was the easiest thing in the world.  He was polite, easygoing, professional, and patient.

The day was long.  I dragged him and my poor photographer (my sister +Laura Gibson) all over the place to get all the pictures we could in a single day. (Including one where he had to pretend to adore this sandwich.  Once you read the story, you'll totally get it.  I could tell he thought we were crazy, but he did it anyway.)  By the end we were all tired.  And hungry.

And I had three book covers.

I learned that Miles is a pretty private guy.  He doesn't share his personal stuff all over social media, because frankly, it's no one's business.  He doesn't watch TV, or have a computer.  He has excellent taste in music, he's dedicated to his fitness lifestyle, he works hard, he loves his family, and he's completely authentic.  I asked him if he'd do an interview since I'd been getting a LOT of questions from various people who want to know more about him.  He, predictably, agreed.  I emailed him the questions.  But since he doesn't have a computer, he text me all the answers.  One at a time.  Really.

I'm also posting some various pictures from the shoot.  Laura is a brilliant photographer and she captured some amazing moments with Miles.  As a team, we're pretty weird.  I think that worked in our favor though, because we got some great pics of Miles laughing at us.  If y'all like these and share them, I might post more.  I have a ton.  The guy is super photogenic.  

Can you talk a little about how you got started as a fitness model? Did you always want to be one, or did you want to be something else growing up?

 I got into fitness modeling by chance.  I was approached and thought I'd give it a shot.  Growing up I never thought about this happening.

What does a typical day look like for you? Can you walk us through it?

 Wake up, work until 5 or so, gym, then home between 8 and 9 to relax and fix meals for the next day.

What's your favorite muscle group to work?

 Chest and calves.  Not sure why, but I love those.

How do you stay so dedicated to your fitness/diet?

'Cause I don't want to be like everyone else.  Be different.  Don't fit in.

Was there some life-altering event that made you take your fitness and health seriously (i.e., you, family, grew up scrawny, poor self-esteem)?

Yes, grew up very skinny so that helped me keep pushing forward.  Definitely a motivator.
Any advice for those aspiring to be a fitness model or at least improve their fitness level?

Don't stop.  If you don't go to the gym and don't eat right, it will never happen.  I know sometimes it sucks and you just wanna quit, but don't make a bad day worse by setting aside your healthy mindset.

If Luke Bryan asked you for fitness advice, what would you say?

Do you even lift? Ha ha!

Is there anyone in the fitness world that you would like to meet and/or work with?

No one comes to mind really.  I honestly don't keep up with anyone.  Even though I should be.

You've made your back troubles pretty public on your page. A lot of people would have limited themselves to what they think they can do having a physical issue like yours. Are you aware of how inspiring you are to people out there to keep following their dreams, even if it's hard?

I've never really thought about being that inspiring.  I honestly don't see myself being that person, but thinking back on it, I can see how I could be that person 'cause yes, it's been a rough road that seems to never end.

How's your back doing?

It's slowly getting better.  I have degenerative deteriorating disk disease.  Not much of a fix for that except fusing a few disks which might happen soon.

What eating plan do you follow, carbs, no carbs, only after working out, etc?

Honestly, my metabolism has always been high, so that helps.  But good carbs and high protein for the type of lifting that I do.

What keeps you motivated? (besides the large groupie following, does that help?)

Just trying to be the best I can really.  And of course the following helps.

Book Covers
What was the first book cover you were on? What was your initial reaction to being chosen for something like that?

The first book I was on was Angels in Leather by Bella Jewel.  And honestly I was shocked.  Never thought anyone would want me to do something like that.

How many covers have you been on since? 

I've been on 4 covers in all.

What is your favorite thing about a book cover photo shoot? Least favorite?

Meeting new people and usually have a good laugh.  Least favorite if I'm usally far from food. Ha!

You work with other fitness models from time to time. Do you guys get along pretty well or do you try to out flex each other?

I've only worked with a few other models, but we all seem to get along really well.  Always have a lot in common.

Do you read the books that you grace the cover of?

I've started a few, but haven't had time to finish any yet being as I'm so busy.

Do you like doing book covers and will you be doing more in the future? What other goals do you have in the fitness model world?

Yes, I always enjoy them very much.  Always meeting new people and goin places.  As far as other goals, I'd really enjoy moving into muscle mags and things like that.

Confession time. Best/worst moments during the photo shoot for the Double Blind Study series?

Best time during the shoot was probably the shoot at the water tower.  I had a lot of fun.  Worst was definitely the car rides. Haha, there's nothing in the Midwest.  I'm used to trees and mountains and roads with curves.  Ha.

What do you think about being "Harrison" and the awesome exposure you're going to get?

I think he sounds like an awesome character, and I'm very similar to him in several ways.

What do you think of Heidi and Laura, because I've never met them, but I love them.

They are great.  They took care of me my whole trip and both are very talented ladies.

Social Media
You have a fairly active Facebook fanpage. How many personal messages do you get a day? What are some of your favorites kinds of messages to receive?

I usually get several messages a day.  My favorite are people who are looking for some help.  I really enjoy helping when I can.  I usually sit down once every week or two and answer them all.

You have thousands of fans who adore you. Is there anything you wish they knew about you?

I wish they knew I really was as genuine as I try to present myself.  It's hard to show that over a Facebook page.

Personal Life
Having worked with you recently, I know that you're a fairly private person and you keep your personal life separate from your public image. But people would riot if I didn't ask. Are you single? What's the most attractive thing to you in the opposite sex?

Yes, I'm very private and no, I'm not single.  Most attractive thing about the opposite sex is probably nice lips and someone who lifts.

What do you do in your spare time for fun?

Spare time I go jeep riding, spend time at the lake, love the movies.  Anything outdoors.

While the rest of the world is marathoning Orange is the New Black, what are you doing?

I'm doing my same routine I do day in day out.  The everyday grind.  Definitely no TV though.  Who has time for that? Ha

Who, in your life, do you look up to and respect the most? Why?

A friend of mine that got me started lifting about 6 years ago.  I owe any success to him  He pushed me and helped me get that mindset to keep moving forward.
Do you believe in unlikely love stories?

Sure.  You never know what you'll get with love.

Do you think love should be neat and easy, or messy and worth fighting for?
If you are with me, it will have to be messy and worth fighting for.  I'm not easy to get along with.  Ha ha

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love at first sight?  No, not really.  But it can definitely happen quick.

How do you stay so humble?

I just try to put myself in everyone else's shoes.  And my momma raised me that way. Ha!