Monday, February 11, 2013

Does Pain Sell Better?

Writing a novel is hard you guys.  I know that sounds pretty pathetic, especially when my 'novel' is actually a springy romantic comedy with quirky supporting characters staring the most popular blonde of the moment (I'm thinking Kate Hudson is getting older so I've moved onto Jennifer Lawrence.  But I will always picture Yvonne as my Lenny...sigh).  And it's not the story that's hard.  I have the story all locked in, it's the time and the patience and the rewrites and the lack of interest and blah blah blah.

I have a tiny following on fictionpress so that's highly encouraging.  If any of you wanted to check out what I have so far you can look me up by my pen name: Chosenbyfaith.

In a fit of discouragement this weekend i posted a short story that i wrote a few months back.  My little followers went bonkers.  I was getting love letters in private messages about how moving it was.  How much it affected them.  How incredibly emotional it must have been to write.  And they would be correct.  It was an emotional piece. at the time. But then i wrote it and i felt better.  it was really the first time that I'd shared a writing that personal with strangers.

that leads me to believe that perhaps I'm not getting as strong of a reaction to Collide because it's mostly fun for me to write and not painful.  maybe my writing is really only good when it hurts my heart to put down on paper.  so many thoughts...

so, gentle readers, as a special gift, here is the link to my short story. let me know what you think.
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