Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's a Weird Day, Let's Blog About It

I just... ugh.

I just can't.
I can't understand.

I want to say all the swear words ever and then drink a bottle of wine.

I mean... New York Times top 100?
Really? I read it. I read the whole *explicative removed* thing.
It was awful. I hated everything. The characters, the storyline, the horrible editing. It had ZERO redeeming qualities. And I don't usually say things like that about another person's book. It was the WORST thing I have EVER read.

This is why indies get such a bad reputation.  What does 311 say?

"I tell you what's wrong to me
The industry's ability to manufacture stars
They churn them out like Iwo Jima makes cars
But the blame lies not with those suits for trying
It's the sheep that keep on buying that soulless crap
Whatever they put in front of ya
The hysteria of America" -- from "Plain" by 311

 So sex sells. Especially if it has a pretty cover with a near naked man on it.

 *explicative removed* *explicative removed* stupid.

This is why I can't write book reviews.  I refuse to name the author or book of which I am speaking.  That's not fair to them.  They're probably a perfectly fine person doing their damnedest to chase their dream. 

As someone who really loves literature, it was just a huge letdown to see that today.  And to know that there are thousands of people reading poorly written books and loving it.

These are my own personal feelings.  I see that the majority of Americans disagree. 

This also explains why I don't have friends.

My opinions are obnoxious.

I'm... I've... yeah... Wine.