Saturday, January 11, 2014

In Your Honor (DBS#2) TEASER #2

Five weeks until the release of In Your Honor!  Here's something to tide you over!


When the touring schedule had been made, Harrison had taken it upon himself to make certain that the band got the rest they needed between major shows. He felt that without their former label breathing down their necks for ticket sales, they would be able to give their fans even better shows if they were properly rested. As a result, Harrison found himself with an open day going to a rock festival with his band, and they were not scheduled to perform. It was a nice change.
I'm not as into death metal as... the rest... of this... crowd...” he trailed off as he glanced around at the nearby concert goers, choosing his words carefully.
C'mon, Harry,” Lenny grabbed his arm with a smile, “where's your sense of adventure?”
Possibly back on the bus,” he said loudly as he allowed her to lead him through the sweaty, drunk mass of people.
As they got closer to the stage, Harrison started to feel claustrophobic despite it being an outdoor festival.
So... which one is Mordrid?” he asked, trying to keep his elbows tucked close to his ribs so he wasn't bumping into people. It was a futile gesture.
Um.” Lenny stood up on her toes and narrowed her eyes at the performers on stage. “I think they're all Mordrid... collectively.”
Like when the Power Rangers combine to make the Mega Zord?”
Lenny gave him a sideways smile and patted his back. “Yeah, Harry, kinda like that.”
Mordrid the Destroyer was what had been listed on the bill. Harrison had voiced some curiosity in front of Lenny, something he hadn't yet learned to curb. She always seized an opportunity to try something new, and now Harrison found himself neck-deep in metal fans. And Lenny was getting closer to the pit.
Lenny!” He yanked her backwards. If anything happened to her, Luke would kill him. “I think we're close enough.”
Rebellion flashed in her eyes and for the tenth time that day, he wondered what he had been thinking when he'd agreed to spend the day with the craziest girl he knew. So much of Lenny reminded him of his younger sister, Greta. Except he could boss Greta around. Lenny, not so much.
C'mon, Harry,” her mouth pulled into a sideways grin, “how many all-girl death metal bands have you seen up close?”
None,” Harrison stuttered, wondering if he could persuade Lenny to turn back by offering her all the money in his bank account. “But we left everyone else behind and they really shouldn't miss... this...” He cringed as his face came in contact with a very sweaty, smelly, bare armpit.
Everyone else had plans,” Lenny reminded him, too excited for Harrison's comfort. “This is fun! When was the last time it was just you and me?”
Never. It's never been you and me because I'm a pussy and I'm terrified of what you do for a living, let alone for fun. “God love you, Lenny,” he said with a shake of his head and a deep breath as he forged ahead into the crowd with her.