Saturday, September 28, 2013

I've never been to Huntington Beach

I have too many tabs open on my browser. I keep getting confused. Such is my life as I write a new story. I'm constantly checking, double-checking and then forgetting and re-checking facts, ideas, words, locations, etc. It's as frustrating as it is exciting. 

I have no idea why my characters have to be involved in sports, activities and ways of life that I know nothing about. I'm sure that if they could all make pizzas and have fairly predictable phobias, I'd be able to write their stories in no time.  But that's not who they are, now is it?

Rock stars, snowboarders, and now adding surfers, physical therapists and...wait for it...sculptors. Whaaaat? Seriously. This is my life now. These characters have got me all turned around.