Thursday, January 24, 2013

Revisions with Tea

Good Evening Gentle Readers,
I have been rather busy as of late and haven't had time to wash my hair let alone work on chapter revisions.  However, as crazy as my life is, I have many new ideas that I hope to begin applying to my story.  I'm going to work on writing in a tiny crossover from my sister's current novel.  That idea spawned another which actually gave me tinglies in my stomach area.

Should I tell you what it is? Okay.  Sway and E will have their own story! EEEP!  My sister and I will colab on it and I am so excited I hope I can sleep tonight.  It's unfortunate that my life is so busy because who knows when I'll have time to actually work on it.  First I have to finish Collide, then Blake has some things to get off his chest.  And y'all haven't even met Eve yet.  Then I can work on Sway.

That brings me to another project on my mind.  My studio.  I want to work on it so bad! I need space.  To be creative!  Arg!.....  I'm feeling very priratey apparently.....But i have a Bear who refuses to take naps randomly, three jobs, my passion for fitness and there is ALWAYS more laundry to do.

Okay, I have a few minutes before I HAVE to go to bed.  Chapter 4 revisions are in my sights.  As well as another cup pf chamomile tea.