Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mike has a butt, er, I mean cover. Mike has a COVER!!

The day has finally come.  Well, just about.  This is technically one day of many that haven't yet arrived.  But for all of you waiting for Mike's story, today is important because it's the official cover reveal.  Along with that comes the pre-order links!  (Hurray! Celebrate! Go Wild! Don't forget to order it!)

Now I can finally tell you about how this whole thing came about.  

If you read my last posting, you know that I went to PennedCon a couple weeks ago and got to meet the fantabulous Penny Reid.  (Be-Tee-Dubs: she's just as awesome in real life as on the internet and in her books.  Maybe even a little bit more.)  Anyway, I got deathly ill on the trip.  I had the head cold from hell.  For realz.  So by the time Monday rolled aorund I was stranded on my couch with hot tea and tissues.  Monday night I get a DM from Penny Reid.  I thought the fever had finally spiked to a crazy high and I was hallucinating.  I almost pooped my pants.  For whatever reason, she was reading my book. 

Okay, I have to stop the story here and explain something.  When I went to PennedCon, I went as a fan, not as an author (except for the Mark Coker workshops I went to and took notes).  I actually hate talking about myself, especially in front of people who I know are 85x cooler than me.  I didn't even bring business cards.  That's how good I am at self-promotion. I mean, I didn't lie about it, but I avoided talking about it as much as possible.  In fact, when I met Penny I had the explicit intention to make sure she did not figure out I was the same Heidi as from the internet.  There are lot's of Heidi's out there, I'm one of thousands. We don't all write books.  

Getting back to Penny's DM.  I was frozen for a long time.  Mostly because her message said she was enjoying it and that my covers needed to be better and she wanted to know if she could make me new ones.  I might be bad at self-promotion but I'm not a complete idiot.  So I said yes please!  She went on to say that my covers were "meh" and then she started sending me mock-ups at 1am.  My life got really weird after that.  When I say weird, I mean awesome.

Now my entire series has had the kind of makeover where I half-expected Ty Pennington to holler at me to move a bus when it was time for the cover reveal.  (I may have yelled it out loud in my living room.  When I was alone.) I love these covers.  They're so pretty.  Penny did not have to do what she did.  But I am forever grateful.

Now onto the reveal:
Mike Osborn woke up in a hospital in Germany three years ago. He was breathing. They had saved him.

Double Blind Study has been through every rock and roll cliché ever contrived. When their drummer nearly dies from a drug overdose, everything changes. Life is important again. Living is important again.

No one knows that better than Mike. So why does he feel like even though he's breathing and he's happy, his heart isn't beating the way it should be? Maybe it never did.

When Mike meets Clarke Matthews for the first time, he knows he should stay away from her. He knows too much about her and what she's been through. But for the first time, his heart has found another with a rhythm that matches his own. Every beat explodes a beam of light to illuminate his darkness.

Mike's been living life raw, unplugged. He's close to a reckoning. When it all comes apart, and he's faced with every mistake he's ever made, will the darkness win out? Or will the steady drum of a healthy pulse finally pull him into the light for good?

October 28